Mavi Egem Recycling

About Us

Mavi Egem Geri Donusum (Mavi Egem Recyling) started its operations in 2014 to supply incrising industry standards with high capacity and quality, with taking it’s sister companies (Mavi Egem Plastics) expertise in recycling.

Our Vision and Mission

Our company aims to provide high quality and capacity to its customers in the global secondary recylied raw plastic material market by providing stable and sustainable waste management to the company in its territority.

Our company, which aims to start recycling concept from waste management at source to recycle and maintain quality.

Mavi Egem Recycling

License and Certificates

Our company is the first integrated recycling and recovery company in its territory and Integrated facility with the most waste collection permit, which recycles over 20 years in its territory. Our company has all the legal permissions on waste recycling and waste import/export

Non-hazardous Waste Collection (a.k.a in Turkish : TAT)

Non-hazardous Waste Recycling

Packing Waste Collection

Packing Waste Recycling

Mavi Egem Recycling

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Nazilli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3. Cadde No:23 Nazilli / Aydın

Phone : +90 256 3126701 . +90 256 2340334